24 + Litecoin Casinos: Litecoin Gambling Sites Reviews in 2024

Since the cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the whole industry of finances and gambling, with each day, there more and more websites occur where you can use digital currencies. Let’s discuss why you should try this payment method in litecoin casinos? Even though litecoin gambling is only starting to gain popularity, it is definitely a rising star: it provides the users with surprising convenience, security, high speed of transactions, and a list of other benefits.

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Thus, we have carefully gathered and selected 24 the best litecoin gambling sites – stay with us to learn which litecoin casino to try as you get acquainted with our reviews.

24 Best Litecoin Gambling Sites

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  • 24/7 support available through live chat and email
  • Large range of slots, table games, and video pokers
  • Choose from over 130 online video slots for your chance to win up to $55,000 jackpots.

Up to $800

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  • Bitcoin
  • 24/7 support on desktop and mobile
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile Casino

100% UP TO €500 + 200 FREE SPINS

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  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • 24/7 support includes live chat option
  • 500+ slot games from major providers
  • Mobile-friendly casino

100% bonus up to €100 or 1.5 BTC or 300 Free Spins

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  • Bitcoin
  • Mobile casino
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Trusted Operator

Up to $4,300 + 21 Free Spins

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  • Bitcoin
  • Play games such as Naughty or Nice, Shark School, Green Light and Wild Wizards.
  • 24/7 live chat
  • A good reputation, online since 2017

300% up to $3,000

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  • Bitcoin
  • Support available 24/7
  • Live dealer casino games
  • Highly reputable US facing brand
  • A lot of bonus opportunities


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  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Accepts USD and Bitcoin
  • Accepts US players
  • Lots of bonuses and promotions

$1500 + 10 Free Spins

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  • Bitcoin

Litecoin Casino Review – Step-By-Step Process

We have a strict methodology for reviewing litecoin gambling sites to ensure our visitors hare provided with the most actual and objective information. The check-list includes numerous criteria, and we do our best to pay attention to all of the details, down to the smallest. Take a look at the paragraphs below to learn more:


Sign Up on Different LTC Casino

Signing up is always a step number one – so we take it seriously. To start reviewing, we choose the most widely discussed LTC gambling services and create user accounts on them. As for the registration step, we notice how much time it takes to create an account and how much personal information is required: for both aspects, we believe that the less is required, the better.

The registration process should be effortless and quick. This rule also includes all the authentication methods: SMS codes or emails should appear immediately as not to make you wait. Plus, we will never add to our rating the litecoin casino, which requires the users to pay just to register.


Welcome Litecoin Bonus

Our second point is to investigate whether the chosen LTC casino provides its players with the ability to get the welcome bonus. A welcome bonus is the type of promotion that you can get exactly after the registration. Thus, it doesn’t require you to make any deposits – you can use it to try the platform and its games without any investments.

It can be quite different: from Litecoin Free Spins to a certain amount of playing money, which you can use in any game of your choice. Why do we pay attention to this aspect? Because we believe that money deposits should be conscious. Therefore, it is great when there is an opportunity to test the litecoin games for free at first. If the litecoin casino USA has a welcome bonus, it is a big plus, which we will definitely highlight in our review.


Deposit Our Litecoins

Gambling requires the players to use real money, so the next step of our test is to check the depositing process. First of all, our experts pay attention to the interface of either it is litecoin casino UK or the USA to make sure that the “deposit” button is not hidden anywhere.

Then, we check the process of depositing: it shouldn’t require you to fill in too much personal information, but it also needs to have various payment methods. The deposit options should include as many e-wallets as possible so that you can choose the one which is the most convenient for you. Next, the transaction should be processed within several minutes – the assets should appear in the account as soon as possible.


Playing Litecoin Games On The Phone and Laptop

Compatibility is an essential aspect, so we always check whether it is convenient to play the games on any device that you may use. Whatever gadget you prefer and whatever operating system it is based on, the litecoin games should run smoothly and be optimized for it. We test whether the website has a handy mobile version and whether all of them can be easily played on PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Plus, the user doesn’t have to install any additional applications or software to run the games. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, or any other software – the best casinos we have mentioned in our reviews will suit any device.


Look Up Litecoin Casino Software Systems

The quality of the software litecoin casino is based on is crucial as it influences the security of your assets and the quality of the games. We use specific technical tools to investigate which software is used by the website.


We Request of Money Withdrawal

Withdrawing your prizes is the most desirable aspect of gaming. Just as depositing and registration, it should be easy and quick. The corresponding button should be clearly seen on the interface, and the minimum withdrawal sum shouldn’t be high. Plus, we also check how much time does it take to get the money in your e-wallet.


Search Online LTC Casino Testimonials

The objectivity of casinos comparison is our primary aim, so we don’t rely only on our own research. Our team looks for feedback from other customers of the gaming sites to add the suggestions of different users. When we bump into an issue, described by several clients, we also check it ourselves.


Check Up Casinos’ Customer Service Support

Last but not least, the team of customer support is also carefully tested. To do this, we contact them at different times of the day regarding various possible problems that the player might come across. In this way, we check whether the support managers answer quickly (they should be available 24/7), do they use a proper tone of voice, how eager are they to help, and whether their advice are effective.

As a result, those litecoin gambling services which have the most helpful, polite, and quick supporters will be more likely to occur in our reviews of the best casinos.

Litecoin Gambling Advantages

Why do you need to try gambling with LTC? Well, there are a lot of reasons: some of them may sound familiar to you, while others will definitely become a surprise. Let’s discover which advantages crypto gaming offers besides rapid transaction speed:


One of the greatest benefits of litecoin online gaming is the fees. Actually, the lack of fees would be more accurate, as using this cryptocurrency minimizes additional spendings. The only commission you have to pay is the charge needed to fasten the processing of your blockchain transaction. In comparison, using fiat currencies will require you to pay for the exchange of currency and international transactions.

Plus, usually, the fees are automatically charged during the withdrawal, and using digital currencies saves you from this unpleasant step.


First Deposit

Usually, there are the first deposit Litecoin casino bonuses for the users who have just signed in. This bonus allows you to get a little more playing money for your entertainment, free spins for slots, or another type of promotion after you make your first deposit.


Free Spins

Most frequently, this bonus is offered as a welcome bonus after your first deposit. It means that you can try your luck in litecoin slots as many times as it is given without paying anything! It is a wonderful opportunity not just because it is great to get some fun for free: using this bonus, you are still eligible for winning prizes! Thus, if you will be lucky, you can win a jackpot absolutely for free.

Litecoin Bonuses

Many online casinos want to involve more their users in playing with crypto, so using LTC might result in various additional promotions and bonuses. Besides first deposit bonuses and free spins, which have already been discussed, you can also come across other great promos.

They are Litecoin deposit bonuses, seasonal promotions, promo codes, referral programs, and others.

  • Deposit bonus awards the player with each new deposit;
  • Seasonal promos are usually attached to celebrations or changes in the season – for example, Easter or first days of spring;
  • Promo codes allow you to get a bonus typing the specific code;
  • and finally, referral programs encourage users to invite their friends. When the referred person will sign in or make their first deposit, both will get the bonus!

The variety of bonuses increases with each day, so the casino you have chosen might offer you even a little bit more.

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Security of Litecoin Transactions

Litecoin, just like most of the other digital currencies, works on the basis of blockchain technology. The block is a certain amount of information about different crypto transactions. As every next block is situated above the previous one, the sequence of them creates a chain. Thus, information stored in the blocks cannot be changed or removed anyhow without changing the whole sequence. This makes crypto transactions extremely safe.

Choosing Best Litecoin Casino?

How to select the best online casino with litecoin by yourself? Read our pieces of advice below:

  1. License

    Always check whether the litecoin casino is properly regulated! The license is the official mark that the site is regularly supervised by your local authorities. The license icon can be found at the bottom of the homepage of the casino you have come across.

  2. Litecoin Bonuses

    The more promotions gaming website offers, the better! We advise paying attention to the bonuses as they give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the litecoin games available absolutely for free. You can come across the welcome, deposit, no deposit bonuses, seasonal promos, referral programs, and many others! Use each opportunity to have more fun without any investments.

  3. The variety of games

    The platform must present a lot of litecoin games to choose from! Even if you have one favorite, you will definitely want to try something new, so select those options which provide the users with hundreds of the entertainments of top quality.

  4. Clients’ Feedback

    Luckily, people like to express all the tiny issues, even if the online casino is fair and worth trying. Before you register on the website, take your time and conduct your own internet research. Google the reviews of the different casinos and the feedback of players. It is better to use different sources and independent platforms in order to get the most trustworthy information.

  5. Paying attention to these criteria will help you to select online casino litecoin wisely. Remember that it is always better to search a little more than to use the first site you come across and worry about your safety!

Top 24 Litecoin Casino Reviews

On the page below, you can find the reviews of the best litecoin gambling services we have found and gathered from all around the world. In total, there are 24 casinos – and each of them is splendid! If you are still looking for a great place to gamble, don’t hesitate to get back to our list of reviews – here you will find the litecoin casino which will steal your heart!

Litecoin Casino Games

Litecoin Slots

Slots is one of the most popular attractions among gambling enthusiasts from all around the globe. It doesn’t require you to have any specific knowledge, but it is still breathtaking. All you need to do is just to pull down the lever, making the symbols on the reels rotate. When they stop, you will learn either you are lucky and get your Litecoin prize, or whether you need to try once more.

Litecoin Poker

Poker, one of the most famous card games in the world, is not a classic game of chance. Here your result depends rather on your knowledge of card combinations than on the luck. Litecoin poker is no different than the other poker games: there are from 3 to 9 players, and each of them tries to be better and craftier than others. Playing LTC poker online, you can choose whether to play against other players or the computer.

Litecoin Blackjack

Trying litecoin blackjack, each player competes against the casino, not against each other. It requires a 52 cards deck, and each of the cards has its own value – from 2 to 10. The player who is given two cards needs to have a hand as close to the number of 21, as possible.

Litecoin Roulette

Roulette, the classic casino game, is available not only in the physical casinos but in online ones as well. Here, players make their bets while the dealer spins the wheel. After it stops, it becomes clear which bets have won. The sum of all the numbers on the wheels makes 666 – ‘the number of the beast’. Trying litecoin roulette even for the first time, you have great odds of winning, so we advise you to try this facility.

Litecoin Dice

LTC dice is the game where the players make their bets on the results of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dices. You can play both against other players or the casino in litecoin dice. There are different phases in this game. When your line, either “Pass” or “Not Pass” wins, you win as well.

Litecoin Bingo

While bingo has been losing popularity in the previous years, now there is a new boom of this game. To try it, you need to fill in your scorecard with the numbers, which are randomly chosen, according to the rules – in vertical, diagonal, or horizontal lines. If you are lucky and the line occurs – you win the prize in LTC!

Litecoin Lottery

Litecoin lottery is not less interesting than the ordinary one, but it provides you with the possibility of a cryptocurrency prize. To win in the lottery, the numbers on your ticket must match with the announced one. Sometimes it takes time to win the lottery, but crypto casinos have been known for their regular jackpots!


How to Mine Litecoin?

Number one concern of every starting crypto-geek is how to mine this or that currency. For Litecoin mining, you should have very strong hardware, software, operating system, and pool. Mining is a complex process that requires lots of energy and computing power and cannot be described in just a few steps. Nowadays, it is a very competitive field that makes purchasing a digital currency a better way to go.

However, if you are determined to mine it on your own, here is what awaits you. You as a miner will receive transaction data broadcast by the various participants in the network since the last block was found. These transactions are then assembled into structures called Merkle trees, which work to find an acceptable hash. Once the valid hash is found after numerous data runs, the block reward – 25 litecoin – is generated.

Is Litecoin Casino Legal?

Depending on your country’s legislation it could be legal or illegal. In Australia, for example, such type of gambling is absolutely legal and safe. In other countries rules may differ substantially, so make sure to check your country-specific regulation too gamble only best Litecoin casino.

How to Make Litecoin Casino Deposit?

The depositing system for crypto casinos is probably one of the easiest ever existing. Of course, the requirements and rules differ from platform to platform. However, the common principle is that you are transferring currencies from the e-wallet to the platform and then withdrawing them in the same manner. Thus, an online litecoin payout casino is very easy to navigate and cash in the winnings.

Are there any disadvantages using LTC in gambling?

Litecoin Gambling has solved many problems, which had been the headache of gaming enthusiasts; however, this payment method also has certain drawbacks. Firstly, it is the minimum wage requirement. It means that the users need to reach a certain amount of the money they win in order to withdraw it. However, don’t worry – in our review, we include the casinos with the tiniest minimum requirements.

Secondly, it is time the transactions are processed – many clients report that litecoin gambling sites make them wait, while the speed of LTC transaction is just 2,5 minutes. We believe that crypto casinos, even with these minor inconveniences, are still much better than fiat ones.

How Do I Make Sure That The Casino Is a Trusted One?

Many players worry about the safety of their data and money when trying the new litecoin online casino for the first time. To avoid the scam or any unpleasant situation, select only the licensed platforms.

To check whether the license is available, scroll down the home page of the selected casino. There should be a corresponding icon (it can include the name or logo of your local gambling authorities) at the bottom of the page.

Are Litecoin Casinos Safe?

Properly licensed Litecoin (LTC) gaming sites are safe and will bring you joy and some winnings! Always pay attention to the feedback of other customers of the service and avoid the sites which require you to pay for registration.

By the way, on our page, we have a list of the 24 online litecoin payout casinos which are properly checked by our experts – if you are worried about the safety, just select one of the sites from our lists just to be sure that everything will be alright.

What Is The Best Litecoin Casino?

Just like any kind of business, litecoin gambling sites can improve their service or worsen it. Thus, there is no stable answer to this question. Plus, all the people have different preferences and expectations about the casinos, so that it is difficult to mention only one best litecoin casino which will fit everybody.

Here, on our page, you can find 24 top Litecoin casinos with reviews about each of them. We believe that at least one of these services will outshine your expectations!

What Is The Best LTC Wallet For Online Gambling?

Nowadays, the crypto market offers a wide variety of e-wallets. There are software, mobile, and web wallets to store your crypto assets. All of them can be easily used for gambling purposes, but we advise to choose those that are safer. Such e-wallets have 2-factor authentication feature, so they can’t be easily hacked.

Is LTC Safe To Use?

Since not all of the gamblers have already got used to the cryptocurrencies, many of them have safety concerns. Let us reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about. LTC works on a specific technology, known as the blockchain. This technology guarantees anonymous transactions, which are much safer than the ones with fiat currencies.

Litecoin Casinos Final Thoughts

All in all, cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in the online gambling industry and has, therefore, be taken into account. So, if you have some Litecoin assets at your disposal and want to have some fun, then trying online casinos is definitely a valid way to go. Some of the top places to start our Litecoin casino reviews include FortuneJack, BitStarz, mBit, and King Billy. With their user-centric interfaces and generous bonus systems, these online gambling facilities represent perfect platforms to start with. Moreover, it has been becoming more convenient and time-efficient for one to deposit and withdraw Litecoin casino deposits online, so gambling has never been so easy! Therefore, do not miss your chance to engage in it!