Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use (also referred as “terms and conditions” or “Terms” further in this post) outline your use of the SITE NAME website (named as “website,” “we,” or “us” further in the text). Using this website, you automatically agree with all the terms and conditions defined on this page.

In case you do not entirely agree with the below points, you are not permitted to use or access our website as well as information posted on it. By using our site and adhering to its terms and conditions, you agree on being 18 years old or older. Otherwise, you are not permitted to access the content.

1. Restrictions

1.1. Our website cannot be used if you want to:

  • Affect other users’ access to the site
  • Cause damage to our website
  • Perform the action that is not aligned with applicable legislation and regulations
  • Hack personal data of other users or do any similar activity in relation to us
  • Use the site for marketing or advertising purposes with no approval from our side
  • Publish, upload, use/re-use any materials that are not allowed according to our terms and conditions.

 2. Intellectual Property

2.1. Our website, as well as its original content, functionality, and features, is owned by SITE NAME only thus are protected by our international copyright, patent, and other intellectual property rights, proprietary laws as applicable here as well.

3. Liability Limitations

3.1. By no means and in no case, our website can be involved in direct/indirect, intentional/accidental, or any other damages. We are also not in charge of loss of earnings, profits/data loss, emotional distress, or contract breach.

3.2. We are not responsible for any indirect, consequent, or special liability related to or caused by your use of this site.

3.3. We have the right to share links to third-party websites with you. However, we do not carry any responsibility for the content being posted on those third-party websites. Thus, we are not in charge of cases of misinformation, data inappropriateness, or incompleteness.

4. Website Availability

4.1. The access to certain features or the full site can be blocked or limited due to site maintenance, updates, or the release of new features or services.

4.2. In case of any site use occurs, you can always send us a report – we will strive to resolve the issues in the shortest time possible.

5. Reviews

5.1. SITE NAME reviewers guarantee not to write reviews and comments in order to jeopardize the reputation of the review subject.

5.2 The reviews only represent a reviewers’ opinion about SITE NAME and have nothing to do with our interests.

5.2. None of the reviews left on our website are paid, sponsored, influenced by a third party, or us.

5.3. Our website reserves the right to use the reviews for any purpose and can remove content at any time.

6. General Terms

6.1. The above terms and conditions may be altered at any point in time, with the changes being properly announced and applied in advance.

6.2. When using the website after a terms update, you automatically agree to comply with the updated terms and conditions.

6.3. Your rights and obligations defined by our terms of use cannot be transferred to another person.