Privacy Policy

This Privacy & Cookies Policy post outlines how the SITE NAME website (named as “us” or “we” further in the post) gathers and uses data. This refers to all types of personally identifiable information as well as anonymous data collecting/reporting.

Data Collected Types

The information we collect includes, but is not limited to, a username and email address of a website visitor. Any other personally identifiable data will not be traced without approval. We also gather non-sensitive data (including an IP address of a website user) via the cookies file, which is a common practice aimed at improving user experience and increase the website performance. Other non-identifiable data we store is the date and time of website visits, user on-page behavior, and so on.

The Use of Data We Collect

The data we collect is used for the following purpose ONLY:

  • To improve site performance and raise the user’s engagement on the page.
  • To provide users with the answers, they search for.
  • To fix issues or resolve disputes.

The data we get from you will be only used for the above purposes.

Is the Information Shared?

We do not share, distribute, or give access to your data. No third parties will access the personal information you share with us. However, there are some situations when data disclosure is required:

  • For us to meet some laws or regulations requiring data disclosure
  • To protect our rights and property
  • To document deceitful or unlawful actions of a user on our website
  • To address the harmful behavior of a user on our website

The above are the necessary measures we take in order to guarantee the safety of your data and to prevent any third parties from accessing information being shared with us.

External Links

Our website is linking to other websites; however, we do not carry responsibility for the content being posted on them. Therefore, the personal data you share on those websites is not in the scope of our liability.