FunFair Technology: New Finding for Gambling

fun fair

Blockchain and crypto cutting-edge techs are already having an immense impact on businesses and sectors across e-commerce. iGaming is no different, with lots of firms already involved in promoting blockchain technologies and apps striving to change the iGaming industry. One of the most well-known pioneers in this area is FunFair, a company that claims to have revolutionized the online gambling market.

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The idea is an extraordinary one: FunFair technology gives all people around the globe the chance to establish a brand-new casino online just in seconds, built on blockchain and crypto technology to guarantee balance, easier transparent transactions, and safe gambling.

What is FunFair?

The company was established in 2017. The founders of a promising project were experienced developers – Jez San, Jeremy Longley, Oliver Holton. All of them are united by the field of activity in creating entertainment projects.

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The main objective of FunFair crypto technology is the super fast and transparent establishment of online casinos. Many users are wary of traditional gambling services, which is not surprising because the risk of fraud is extremely high.future of casino

The FunFair platform is developed on the basis of the Blockchain Ethereum, which means that work is carried out with “smart contracts” (a programmed protocol that ensures the terms of the contract are met without outside interference). Thus, online casinos even lose the theoretical ability to fool their customers. In addition, FunFair does not deal with the organization of the gameplay. Developers focus solely on optimizing the platform.

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Based on this, everyone can create their own gambling project using FunFair tech, and it will be as easy as possible. In turn, the developers will take care of licensing the owners of the portal.

FunFair Influence on Gambling

In the oversaturated cryptocurrency market, the demand for the token, and, therefore, its exchange rate, depends largely on the usefulness of the services that the platform provides, as well as on the activity of competitors in this field. FunFair is popular, but not the only platform where users can launch their gambling products.

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However, this technology already has a huge impact on the gambling industry, although it has not yet become mainstream. FunFair technology offers the next benefits necessary for the future development of the online casino industry:

  • Speed

In comparison to other similar technologies on the blockchain, the FunFair games platform is faster. This is facilitated by the implementation of the Ethereum blockchain, thanks to which users in real-time can get information about the results.

  • Credibility

Blockchain technology in general and the transparent “smart contacts” of the Ethereum blockchain, in particular, allow users to verify the authenticity of the results, which eliminates a common factor of user distrust in online casinos. The results of all players become accessible and verifiable

  • Security

A ‘no deposit’ type of funds management is available. In addition, payment is made at the beginning of the session and at the end, which reduces the number of fees in long sessions.

  • High-tech approach

blockchain gamingA well-thought-out interface and high-quality 3D-pictures is the next great FunFair news. At the same time, to start the game, users do not need to register and download the application. The FunFair cryptocurrency platform, which opens both on desktops and on mobile devices, uses HTML5 and WebGL standards.

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Future of FunFair

The platform and approach overall are incredible. When one analyzes other compelling blockchain and crypto projects penetrating other markets, FunFair review may prove to be the breakout brand in the online gambling industry. They have an awesome looking platform, and the games work very smoothly and bring players transparency at any blockchain casino. It is quite a challenge to distinguish this game experience from its online counterpart, and FunFair stresses that they are still in the process of development. This means not all the features were implemented, and gambling fans can expect to get more in the future.

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Despite the FunFair casino platform is a cutting edge technology, which solves urgent problems of the gambling businesses, it still has some issues to resolve and catch on. However, one thing can be stressed for sure that is interesting for both gamblers and casino operators. This model of interaction could prove to be extremely efficient, utilizing the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain to build an innovative option to the online casinos experience nowadays.