Gaming with Blockchain. What to Play to Get Cryptocurrency

Gaming with Blockchain

Blockchain is a new frontier in the game industry. The technology has already taken other spheres by storm, and entertainment is next. Thanks to technology, players can own and freely exchange in-game items without intermediaries. This is also beneficial for developers – who can earn extra money by selling tokens.

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The launch of top programs on the Blockchain is still a long way off; it will be some time before we are playing “Dark Souls” on a blockchain-based platform like Ethereum. However, blockchain games have reached the market, and it is already possible to earn tokens.

Finding the best games in a new area is always challenging. We’re here to help. We have identified some of the most exciting games released in 2020 and are sharing them with you.

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What is the Blockchain Game Alliance?

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a collaborative group of entertainment companies and other members that encourage individual and business membership, in their effort to promote and establish regulations for the rapidly evolving blockchain industry. Their goals include developing new platforms with the intent to democratize the industry for developers and players. The BGA also strives to create decentralized technology standards that maintain safety and transparency when publishing and monetizing new games.

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The alliance is an international organization working to promote blockchain technology in entertainment while establishing industry standards that allow blockchain to scale into new companies and structures successfully. Using cryptocurrency in playing is still in its infancy, this innovation only started in 2014, when gamers first made money that they could cash out on the popular HunterCoin and CryptoKitties games.

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Since then, investors and gamers alike have been pushing the limitations of this increasingly lucrative, highly unregulated industry. By developing its own standards, BGA intends to self-regulate members. To attract new talent, they provide an open forum where members can research, collaborate, and share their knowledge to publish their own games.

What Games Will Be Released in 2024?

  1. Skyweaver

SkyWeaver is a free-to-play card game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is comparable to Blizzard Entertainment Hearthstone, which has over 100 mln online players. In SkyWeaver, players collect decks of unique cards and war with each other. At Hearthstone, users cannot freely exchange, sell, or give cards away. This led to complaints that the publisher was censoring players.

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Blockchain will liberate players to do what they want with their cards. This ranges from buying/selling on Reddit or similar platforms, giving them away to friends, or even destroying. Though SkyWeaver is still in beta, aspiring players can register by email and hope to be randomly selected to test the game. The accurate release date of the game is still unknown, so stay tuned to get more information about upcoming news.

  1. Blankos block party

Blankos Block Party is an analog of LittleBigPlanet from Sony on the EOS platform. This constructor game allows players to craft unique “Blankos” – vinyl fun and naughty toys, much like Lego figures. Blankos Block Party takes place in a casual multiplayer world, stylized as a giant party.

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The characters can meet, seek rewards, run daily tasks, join global online mini-games, and explore other players’ parties. You can also design personal gameplay modes. Characters can be pumped, customized, collected, shared, or sold. The uniqueness of some characters opens up scope for collecting, and the need for blockchain.

  1. Hash rush

Hash Rush is a three-dimensional strategic, and detailed online game. It contains elements of staking and mining from VZ Games. The goal of the game is to develop your own colony in the solar system. To do this, you need to fight and trade with other colonists, as well as mine, and earn crypto crystals.

Aspiring players can purchase the Rush Coin in-game ERC20 token on Ethereum. These tokens can also be obtained by mining crystals, bargaining with other players, or completing missions. For a monthly fee, a player can receive a premium status giving them benefits.

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